Memorial Tattoos For Men

RIP tattoos, also referred to as Rest In Peace tattoos, are a great way to commemorate a loved one that may have passed away. Remembrance, memorial and RIP tattoo ideas don’t have to fit any one mold and can take shape in a variety of designs. For example, memorial tattoos don’t necessarily have to represent loss or pain, but can also be a meaningful way to celebrate the memory of your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister, child or pet. Furthermore, a small RIP tattoo can sometimes take form as a tribute to an idol, celebrity, or hero that helped shape your life.

For instance, in loving memory tattoos can include names, dates, quotes, photos, symbols, or any combination thereof. Whether you ink a photo of a loved one or a special symbol in remembrance, memorial tattoos for men are the ultimate way to remember the deceased. And there’s no limit to who you can commemorate on your own skin and where you can get tatted.

If you’re looking for cool remembrance and memorial tattoos for your arm, forearm, sleeve, back, chest, or leg, here’s an awesome collection of the best ideas and designs.

Rest In Peace Tattoos For Men

What Do RIP Tattoos Mean?

The Rest in Peace or RIP tattoos are memorial tattoos. They pay tribute to someone who’s passed away. This could be a loved one, a family member, a fallen brother in arms, a pet, or even your idol. The RIP moniker is almost always accompanied by a name and maybe even a date.

Common representations in body art feature RIP written on a tombstone which is very similar to real life. Depending on the complexity of the design, RIP can also be inscribed on flowers, parchments, clouds, hearts, or anything else that has a particular connection to the person you want to commemorate.

RIP Tattoos

RIP tattoos can represent grief. For some, they also represent the acceptance of death as a part of life. In some cases, RIP tattoos for men can symbolize the burden or the guilt the bearer wears every day. One thing is for certain, no matter how cool RIP tattoos may look, the death of an individual is never a happy topic, so be wary discussing these tattoos with the wearer.

Best Places To Get RIP Tattoos

Unlike most tattoos, the RIP tattoo meaning demands more appropriate placement. You should also consider visible locations if your intention is to share your pain with the rest of the world.

RIP Chest Tattoos

Placing a memorial tattoo for a loved one on your chest is very appropriate. It adds even more layers to the RIP tattoo meaning as it is positioned close to your heart.

RIP Heart Tattoos

RIP Arm Tattoos

RIP tattoos on arms and forearms are also a great way of expressing your sadness and sharing it with the world. You see them all the time and you have a constant reminder of the person you lost. Others can also see the pain you’re going through. Consider a memorial sleeve tattoo for larger tribute pieces.

Memorial Tattoos For Men

RIP Back Tattoos

Cool RIP tattoos can be done on the back too and they can become very elaborate scenes. This is a really good spot for deeply spiritual and religious men to make a connection to their belief in life after death.

Common RIP tattoos for men on the back feature biblical scenes, funeral scenes, and depictions of reincarnation.

RIP Neck Tattoos

RIP neck tattoos are also great because they are always in plain view, though they can also be quite subtle. If you’re not a fan of elaborate scenes and large tattoos, then the neck offers the opportunity for equally meaningful memorial tattoos with less use of skin.

RIP Tattoos On Neck

RIP Wrist Tattoos

Rest in peace tattoos on the wrist can be made to look stylish. You can incorporate the acronym, name, and relationship into charms which you then attach to a bracelet. It has meaning for you, but it doesn’t have to be straightforward to others.

Best Memorial Tattoos For A Loved One

In the end, a memorial tattoo is the ultimate way to remember the departed. Look below to find a creative way to commemorate your loved one!
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