Lion Tattoos For Men

Lion tattoos epitomize strength, power, courage, and family. As the king of the jungle, lion tattoos for men are popular and masculine. And the best lion tattoo designs can have some of the most beautiful artwork you’ll ever see.¬†Whether you’re considering a realistic, abstract or tribal design, a lion with a crown, fierce 3D roaring lion, a complete pride, or just a lion head tattoo, there are so many cool tattoo ideas to choose from.

Because badass lion tattoos look nice as large drawings on a big canvas, most guys choose to get a lion back, chest, shoulder, leg, thigh, forearm, rib or arm tattoo. However, men have the option of placing small and simple designs on their wrist, hand, or neck.

Although they are generally inked in black and gray, unique lion tattoos also look great with colors. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with a cool lion tattoo. From a bold black lion to abstract watercolor drawings to a realistic lion cub, here are the best lion tattoos around.

Find an awesome lion tattoo for inspiration next time you get inked!

Best Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos For Men

Cool Lion Tattoos

Lion Back Tattoo

Lion Chest Tattoo

Roaring Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo Designs

3D Lion Tattoo

Badass Lion Tattoos For Men

Lion Tattoo Designs For Guys

Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Cool Lion Forearm Tattoo

Badass Lion Back Tattoo For Men

Lion Arm Tattoo

Cool Lion Tattoo on Shoulder For Men

Lion Head Tattoo

Lion Pride Family Tattoo

Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Amazing Lion Eyes Tattoo

Awesome Lion Tattoo Designs For Guys

Awesome Lion Tattoo on Lower Leg

Men's Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Roaring Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Simple Lion Tattoos

Roaring 3D Lion Tattoos For Guys

Realistic Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion Tattoo on Shoulder and Arm

Lion Cub Tattoo on Hand

Lion Tattoo Designs For Guys

Masculine Lion Forearm Tattoo Design

Badass Colorful Lion Tattoo

Lion King Tattoo on Arm

Full Body Lion Tattoo Ideas

Cool Lion Hand Tattoo For Men

Cool Lion with Crown Tattoo

Cool Watercolor Lion Tattoo Ideas

Cool Lion and Rose Tattoo

Colorful Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Cool Lion Chest Tattoo Design For Men

Lion Rib Tattoos

Cool Lion Forearm Tattoo

Lion and Crown Sleeve and Shoulder Tattoo

Fierce Lion Tattoo on Thigh

Badass Lion Tattoo Designs For Guys

Badass Lion Leg Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Badass Lion Back Tattoo

Awesome Skull and Lion Chest Tattoo Ideas

Very Realistic Lion Tattoo Ideas

Badass Chest and Shoulder Tattoo

Aztec Lion Tattoo on Inner Arm

Best Lion Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Best Lion Tattoos For Men