Inner Arm Tattoos For Men

Are you curious about inner arm tattoos and looking around for the best ideas and designs to get? Inner bicep tattoos for men are a sexy, mysterious tattoo type to consider. A guy’s arms are one of the first things a girl will notice, and the visibility of your inner arm tattoo will only cultivate a woman’s sense of curiosity. In addition to this mystique, bicep tattoos are extremely versatile and can be covered up for any professional environment. On the other hand, if you’re feeling like a bit of a show-off, consider getting an inside bicep tattoo that maneuvers and simulates action when you flex your muscles.

No matter what design you decide on for your inner arm tattoo, there is no doubt that the location will add sex appeal and mystery. From small bicep tattoos to full 3D artwork, our inner arm tattoo ideas will blow you away. Check out our gallery below for the hottest examples of men’s tattoos!

Best Inner Bicep Tattoo

What Do Inner Arm Tattoos Mean?

Inner arm tattoos for men do hold some meaning, but they’re mostly driven by location. The range of visibility says something about you before dissecting the symbolism behind the actual design. Here are some examples of meaningful tattoos.


If you never had anything tattooed on your inner bicep then you’re in for a surprise. The stinging and tearing sensation on the thin layer of skin can make or break a guy. This is why inside arm tattoos for men are usually a sign of toughness regardless of the meaning behind the design.

3D Watercolor Wolf Bicep Tattoo


Inner bicep arm tattoos are the perfect teasers. You can show a hint of color or badass black and white shadows for a second and have people wondering about what’s there. If you get an abstract inner arm tattoo design, it’s even better. It can keep people wondering for a long time.

Galaxy Inside Arm Tattoo for Men


If you want to hide a tattoo only 90% of the time, then the inner bicep is the way to go. Unless you’re going sleeveless, chances are most people aren’t going to see the full tattoo without asking for it. Then it’s up to you if you want to share or not.

Because of this, the inner arm location is great for memorials or other personal emotions. The really deep meaningful tattoos are more often found on the inner arm instead of the back, so the bearer can also enjoy the artwork.

Feathers Inside Bicep Tattoo

Best Places to Get These Tattoos

The inner arm offers plenty of skin to ink but some locations are more interesting than others. Here’s a rundown of the popular location choices.

Inner Bicep Tattoo

Although it’s a rather painful area for most men, even more so for ripped guys, it’s a true sign of toughness. The shape of the bicep makes a great canvas for both round-shaped tattoos and abstract edgy designs. It’s also a great place for a memorial tattoo or a badass black and white biomechanical or steampunk-inspired drawing.

3D Car Tattoo on Bicep

Inner Forearm Tattoo

Many inside of arm tattoo ideas are made for the forearm. They are in a visible place but can also be hidden in a moment’s notice. You can tease people for hours while chatting before they get the full picture.

Flower and Skull Forearm Tattoo

Inside Wrists Tattoo

The inner wrist is an increasingly popular choice for inner arm tattoos for men. Among the most popular inner arm tattoo designs there include half a bracelet, skulls, RIP tattoos, names, and small tribal tattoos.

Palm Tattoo

Palm tattoos are part of inner arm tattoos for men, but they make up a very small percentage. They’re not as popular as finger tattoos but do look amazing when done in 3D. May not be a popular choice, but that will only make yours even more unique.

Cool Inner Arm and Bicep Tattoos

Look below to see some of the best inner arm tattoos we’ve found!

Watercolor Wave Inner Arm Tattoos

Watercolor Wave Inner Arm Tattoos

Lion Bicep Tattoo

Lion Bicep Tattoos

World Map Inner Arm Tattoo

World Map Inner Arm Tattoos for Guys

Geometric Forearm Tattoo

Geometric Forearm Tattoo

Inside Arm Tattoo for Guys

Lightbulb Inside Arm Tattoo for Guys

Patterned Inside Arm Tattoo

Geometric Inside Arm Tattoo

Full Inner Arm Tattoo

Full Inner Arm Tattoo

Cross on Inner Arm Tattoo

Cross Inner Arm Tattoos

Cool Bicep Tattoo

Clock Bicep Tattoo

3D Inner Bicep Tattoo

Cool 3D Inner Bicep Tattoo