Hot Guys Tattoos

Women love hot guys with tattoos. In fact, when women see tattooed men, their perception of the guy’s hotness factor increases significantly. Sexy tattoos exude a level of rugged masculinity and certain designs play off the bad boy image. Obviously, naturally good-looking guys with ink have the advantage, but there is something very biological about the response girls have to men with tattoos.

If you’re searching for the best tattoo ideas for men that will make you look edgy and attractive to women, check out these awesome designs and drawings. From tattoo sleeves to artwork for your chest, back, forearm, shoulder, bicep or neck, these are the hottest tattoos on guys!

Hot Guys with Tattoos

Sexy Tattoos For Men

While all our examples are male models with tattoos, it’s important to think about the right ink for you. And although having a nice, fit body complete with muscles and abs can help, cute guys with tattoos don’t have to be jacked. Men with stylish hairstyles, trendy fashion sense, good personal grooming and hygiene, and a sense of humor tend to be the most appealing to women.

From handsome male models with tattoos to everyday cute guys, here are the best hot guy tattoos women love! For more ideas, see these badass tattoos for men!

Sexy Tattoos For Men

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