Geometric Tattoos For Men

You don’t have to be a geek to enjoy the quality drawings of geometric tattoos for men. In fact, geometry has become very popular as a tattooing theme. It closely resembles some tribal designs and it is the basis of many sacred tattoos. Whether you want to show your appreciation for science or love for abstract art, you can choose to tattoo geometric designs.

From geometric tattoo sleeves to full chest and back patterns, there’s a geometric tattoo out there for everyone! Whether you want different patterns, shapes or colors, check out the best geometric tattoos for ideas!

Geometric Tattoo Designs For Guys

What Do Geometric Tattoos Mean?

Geometry has more meaning to it than first meets the eye. It can be simple and highly complex at the same time.

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Reducing Images to Basic Shapes

Tattoo artists can recreate any image by using the simplest of geometric shapes. You want a tiger rendered by triangles? No problem. Does this have any hidden meaning? Yes and no.

Geometric Heart Tattoo

Reducing complex images to basic shapes still maintains the main message of the image or symbol but it also adds a new layer of complexity. These types of geometric tattoos for men can often hint at balance and symmetry.

Repetitive Patterns

These geometric tattoos for men are the opposite of most tribal designs. They look complex, yet the pattern is simple to follow. There is less improvisation as the emphasis has to be symmetry. Since math and basic geometry are all around us, it is important to maintain the meaning of precision and balance as well as that of continuity.

Cool Geometric Tattoos For Men

Abstract Geometric Patterns or Images

This style is very popular when it comes to tattoo geometric designs. It is often used to either create something new or to recreate an existing image with a twist. These fragmented tattoos often represent a fragmented mind or a complex personality.

They can mean that the bearer is aware of and embraces the complexities of life, or that he himself is too complex to be understood by others.

Best Geometric Tattoos

Even though most tattoo geometric designs follow strict rules, they can still be used on any part of the body. Of course, some parts will be better suited than others for representations of straight edges than curves and circles.

Geometric Arm Tattoos

Geometric arm tattoos are generally very popular for a variety of reasons. For starters, the cylindrical shape allows the artist to work equally well with both round shapes and straight shapes. Secondly, there are many geometric tattoo ideas for men that take advantage of muscular anatomy, using it as inspiration for abstract geometric recreations. Whether you want a half or full sleeve tattoo, check out these creative designs.

Men's Sacred Geometry Full Sleeve

Geometric Wrist Tattoos

Wrists are amazing for small repetitive geometric patterns. If you like seeing bracelet-type designs and Celtic knots, you’ll enjoy a string of 2D or 3D shapes that can symbolize the circle of life, in a more abstract way. In the end, the geometric wrist tattoo can be an excellent option for guys who want a simple design.

Geometric Chest Tattoos

Getting a geometric chest tattoo is less popular than having one on your arm but still a very good choice. You can play around with anatomy and geometry to bring together two very different themes in a single drawing. For a unique idea that will stand out, try an awesome chest tattoo.

Cool Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Back Tattoos

Geometric back tattoos can be awesome but not for the reasons you think. Very muscular guys will have problems with these very strict tattoos because it’d be hard to render straight lines and corners on a wavy surface. However, a back tattoo offers so much room to work with that it can be a canvas for large intricate patterns or scenes.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo For Men

Geometric Leg Tattoos

Geometric leg tattoos are very popular due to the cylindrical shape of the leg. You can ink anything from fractal designs to mural-style drawings without them being overly affected by how your leg changes in shape through time.

Geometric Tattoo Leg Sleeve For Guys

Cool Geometric Tattoo Designs

Here are the coolest geometric tattoo designs to get! Whether you want a sleeve, chest, arm, forearm, back, wrist or leg tattoo, we hope these ideas and designs will inspire you!

Geometric Chest Tattoo

Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Line Tattoos

Geometric Neck Tattoo

Geometric Patterns For Men

Geometric Shape Tattoo

Geometric Tattoo Leg Sleeve For Guys

Geometric Tattoo Sleeve For Men

Geometric Tattoos For Men

Sacred Geometry Patterns

Simple Geometric Tattoos