Eagle Tattoos For Men

Looking for the best eagle tattoos for men? Eagle tattoos are some of the most masculine bird tattoos to get. As an apex predator, eagles are a symbol of courage, strength, and shrewdness. Even the best eagle tattoos are perfect for any body part since you they can be inked across the entire chest and back with wings fully spread out. Or if you’re looking for some other cool eagle tattoo designs, then you can get tattooed on your arm, chest, back forearm, shoulder, hands, legs or even a full sleeve.

With traditional, American, bald, tribal, and golden eagle tattoos to choose from, the hottest eagle tattoos for guys are limitless. And it is no coincidence that cultures from various parts of the world have identified this powerful yet beautiful bird with great strength, leadership, and wisdom. Look below as we delve deeper into the meaning of eagle tattoos and some popular locations to get your ink.

Cool Eagle Tattoos For Men

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Eagle tattoos are more common among men than women. Eagles symbolize strength and power. The fierceness of eagles with their dark coloring and fierce beaks and talons makes them a logical choice for tattoo.

In Greek mythology, Zeus changed himself into an eagle to control thunder and lighting. The eagle also often appears in the Bible analogies with eagles inspiring people to act with courage and wisdom. Lastly, the Romans used this bird to represent their emperors.

American Eagle Tattoo Designs

Because eagles soar so high, these predators became sacred in Native American culture. Their feathers were revered and used in ceremonial settings. The eagle carries messages from the divine and because of the great height at which it flies it can see things that are not always immediately obvious. That is why eagles are often represented clutching scrolls in their talons.

Not only is an eagle a majestic bird, it is also a fearsome hunter. It can swoop down from great distances and grab its prey with its fearsome talons in the blink of an eye. When an eagle sees an animal, its laser focus allows it to exclude all other stimuli and swoop down on its prey. That is why birds of prey are hooded in falconry. The falconer wants the bird focused on a single animal that is bolting when the bird is released.

Best Men's Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Another reason that eagles are often featured in tattoo ideas is because they often represent freedom. They live on high mountains and can fly high or drop into the valleys below as they want to. This is also why the eagle was chosen as the US National Animal and is often used to show patriotism.

Cool Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Here are the best eagle tattoo designs to inspire you! Check out these cool tattoo ideas for men before getting inked!

Men's Eagle Chest Tattoo

Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagle Forearm Tattoo

Bald Eagle Tattoo

Flying Eagle Chest Tattoo

Cool Eagle Tattoos For Guys

Eagle Hand Tattoo Ideas

Eagle Tattoos For Guys

Traditional Eagle Tattoo Sleeve

Men's Bald Eagle Tattoo

Forearm Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Wings Tattoo

Eagle Leg Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Arm

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal Eagle Tattoo

Men's Golden Eagle Tattoo