Cool Tattoos For Men

Researching cool tattoos is probably the best part of getting inked. Maybe it’s because cool tattoo ideas and badass designs represent an appreciation for beautiful, unique artwork that uplifts the human spirit. Or maybe when guys get a really cool tattoo, we feel we enhance our masculinity and sex appeal. Whatever the reason, almost every man has seen awesome tattoo designs that have tempted them to get inked.

Here’s a collection of the coolest tattoos for men. Whether you want a tribal, skull, phoenix, wolf, dragon, quote, family, eaglelion or 3D tattoo, this gallery has some of the best tattoo ideas and designs you’ll ever find.

Cool Tattoo Ideas

After combing through these unique and trendy tattoo ideas for guys, it’s important to think about how your artwork will look on different body parts. Between a sleeve, chest, shoulder, back, arm, forearm, and leg, you have a number of areas to place your ink.

If you want small and simple tattoo, the wrist or hand is an ideal spot. Otherwise, men who want intricate, colorful and big designs can wrap multiple parts to create a large canvas. Whatever your decision, it all starts with finding a cool tattoo idea to get inked!

Here are some of the best badass tattoos for men to inspire you!

Cool Tattoos For Men

Cool Tattoo Ideas

Cool Tattoo Designs

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