Badass Tattoos For Men

Every guy in the market for some ink wants to get a badass tattoo. And badass tattoo ideas for men don’t necessarily have to be masculine artwork epitomizing toughness or strength, but really just need to be artistic and creative. The best tattoos for guys generally have a deeper meaning, often subtly referencing a life philosophy or belief system, but sometimes tattoo designs just speak to you and look awesome. The idea is for onlookers to be amazed and in awe (or maybe a little afraid) at the artwork so dedicate some real time before getting your tattoo.

From 3D body art to optical illusions to meaningful murals or quotes, the most badass tattoos for guys are the ones that ultimately represent something special. Now, we can’t answer what type of badass ink you should get, but we can help you find what inspires and motivates you. Take a look below to find our gallery of cool tattoos for your arm, forearm, sleeve, chest, shoulder, back, face, hands and legs!

Badass Tattoos

Badass Tattoo Designs

There are two main types of cool badass tattoos. There are those that look amazing and inspired by themes. These could be meant to project the bearer’s strength and fear onto others. They could also just be non-purposeful tattoos that simply look badass and leave people in awe.

Then, there are badass tattoo designs for when guys get inked on the most painful parts of the body. This is all about having a badass design and showing how tough you are at the same time.

Badass Tattoo Ideas

Themes and Styles

What are some badass tattoo designs for guys? It’s not always about the details. You just won’t look badass with a flock of doves flying across your chest. Maybe replace those doves with menacing dragons.

Some themes just won’t ever fail when it comes to cool badass tattoos. Mythical menacing creatures, biomechanical artwork, 3D black and white tattoos, predatory animals – these are all good starting points for badass tattoo designs for guys.

Best Badass Tattoo Ideas

Check out these awesome tattoos for guys and some of the top body parts to get the artwork on!


The arms are the second place a person will look after your face, so if you’re going to get a badass tattoo, the arm is the perfect place to showcase your design. Consider wrapping your designs around the curvature of your arm to create a little mystery for those looking. Not only that, half sleeve and full sleeve tattoos offer the flexibility of intertwining multiple tattoos and concepts together to create one sick masterpiece!

Badass Arm Tattoos


Forearm tattoos can be an excellent option if you don’t have to worry about walking into an office. Some guys want their artwork visible at times, and getting inked on their lower arm offers that flexibility.

Badass Forearm Tattoos


The face is one of the most painful body parts to get tattooed on. If you want to make a tough guy statement, ink your face and that’s that. Facial tattoos for men go back thousands of years and they were used as a rite of passage. It separated real men from the boys.

Today, facial tattoos are quite common among ruthless gang members and we all know those guys are badass, no? It’s important to mention that having a face tattoo is still not accepted or appreciated in most circles. So choose wisely!

Badass Face Tattoos


Cool badass tattoos are proudly worn by so many men across their chests. You want to know why? It’s a really painful spot for most. The skin is very thin and tattooing across the collar bone can be even unbearable for some guys. Of course, pain thresholds differ from person to person, but having a chest tattoo still introduces the idea of toughness.

Badass Chest Tattoos For Men


Did you think ankle tattoos are girly? Some of the most badass tattoo designs for guys can be inked around the ankles. Not only do they look manly, but they also hurt most people. A lot! If someone ever doubts your toughness, dare them to get their ankles inked. They’ll owe you an apology.

Badass Leg Tattoos For Guys


Your whole back from top to bottom is prime spot for badass back tattoos for men. It lets the artist work in so much detail that it’s no wonder some of the coolest tattoos ever are done on the back. There’s a lot of skin and the surface is rather flat in most cases. Not to mention that the spine helps a lot with highlighting symmetry, if that’s important to you.

Badass Back Tattoos


Badass rib tattoos can accomplish two things at once. They show that you have a high pain threshold, and they give people something to stare at, which is what you want in the first place.

Cool Tattoos For Guys

Here are more of the coolest tattoo ideas for guys.

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Badass Back Tattoo of Soldiers and War

Badass Full Sleeve of Poseidon

Badass Cross with Doves Tattoo on Shoulder

Badass Skull Tattoo on Arm

Badass Bicep Tattoo - Human Hand Touches Robot

Badass Chest Tattoo - Gears and Mechanical Design

Masculine Tattoo on Arm

Decorative Aztec Badass Back Tattoos

Badass Arm Full Sleeve Tattoo For Guys