Arrow Tattoos For Men

Interested in arrow tattoos for guys? Arrow tattoos are really popular because of how easy they are to get. Many men prefer them as beginner tattoos to get initiated to the feeling of getting tattooed, and because they can be inked almost anywhere on the body. In fact, men can get arrow tattoos on their forearm, wrist, arm, chest, back, hand or neck. The best part is often, arrow tattoo designs are small and simple, so they can fit anywhere.

But can something as simple as an arrow represent some of your values or principles? Here are some facts about the meaning of arrow tattoos that might surprise you. Furthermore, we’ll give you guys some awesome examples and ideas, including the infinity arrow, feather and arrow combination, or the geometric version.

Arrow Tattoos For Men

Arrow Tattoos Meaning

Arrows may look simple, but they hold plenty of meaning. In some cultures, the direction in which the arrow points is indicative of a feeling or a status, while in others it means absolutely nothing. Here are some popular representations.

Single Arrow

In many cultures, the single arrow tattoos for men serves as symbols for protection against evil.

Double Arrow

Two arrows that point away from one another is a symbol of war or conflict. On the other hand, two crossed arrows can be a symbol of friendship.

Broken Arrow

The broken arrow typically means peace.

Arrow Through the Heart

Also known as Cupid’s arrow, this represents love. In ancient Greece, the arrow-pierced heart was also a symbol of erotica.


The quiver or a bundle of arrows can be used to represent unity. It revolves around the concept of strength in numbers.

Downward Arrow

This is mostly used to represent a sign of peace in Native American culture.

Diamond Head Arrow

This symbolizes courage or even invincibility. It draws its strength from the diamond.

Compass Arrow

This design usually stands for turning a new leaf or moving on to a new relationship. It can mean both a new chapter and the courage to move on.

Best Places To Get Arrow Tattoo Designs

Because arrows have so many meanings they can be used by almost anyone who has something to express. Here are some body parts that are guaranteed to make arrow tattoos for men stand out.

Arrow Tattoo on Arm

Having an arrow tattoo on forearm is quite popular, and for good reason. You can add so much more detail to the rather simplistic classic arrow depiction and end up with an intricate design that is sure to impress.

Arrow Tattoo on Arm

Arrow Forearm Tattoo

The arrow forearm tattoo is another common choice because of the length of the forearm that allows a long, simple arrow design to be inked. Plus, if you want to occasional hide your tat, wearing a long-sleeve helps.

Cool Arrow Tattoo on Forearm

Arrow Tattoo on Wrist

If you want a small, simple arrow tattoo, the wrist is the perfect spot. Only visible when someone is in close proximity and not obnoxious or overwhelming, the arrow wrist tattoo is a great spot for a first tat.

Arrow Tattoo on Wrist

Arrow Tattoo on Leg

Arrows are amazing on legs where you can maintain a straight line and add plenty of detail around the arrow. The downward-facing tattoo arrow designs from Native American culture are perfect for your legs.

Arrow Tattoo on Fingers

Getting an arrow tattoo on finger is great for people that have a hard time making up their minds. The simplistic design of an arrow can make a big impact, regardless of size.

Arrow Tattoo on Back

An arrow back tattoo doesn’t have to be as cheesy as it sounds. Only imagination stands between you and something that makes others go ‘wow.’ You can use arrows to represent peace, unity, courage, and the future by placing them in different locations on your back.

Chest Arrow Tattoo

You might not think this is the case, but the chest is actually the best place you can tattoo arrow designs. Because sometimes the orientation of an arrow can make the difference between peace and conflict, a flatter surface is ideal for arrow tattoos.

Cool Arrow Tattoos For Guys

Here are the best and coolest arrow tattoos for guys. These awesome designs and ideas will help you get your first arrow tattoo no matter how big or small you want your ink. And be sure to check out the badass infinity arrow tattoos!

Infinity Arrow Tattoo on Wrist

Infinity Arrow Tattoo on Wrist

Arrow Tattoo Designs with Family Names

Cool Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrow with Infinity Sign Tattoo

Arrow with Infinity Sign Tattoo

Arrow Compass Tattoo For Guys

Arrow Compass Tattoo For Guys

Three Small Arrows Tattoo

Small Arrow Tattoo