3D Tattoos For Men

3D tattoos are becoming some of the coolest ink to get. Some 3D tattoo designs can make your head turn with awesome optical illusions, while other inked images are so realistic, you’ll want one yourself. Tattoo enthusiasts inking their bodies with realistic 3D tattoo pictures are sure to draw the attention of any onlooker.

If you have no idea what a 3D tattoo would look like on you, this gallery below will give you a little perspective on potential 3D tattoo ideas. Ranging from stars to dragons to mechanical gears to religious depictions on your arm, chest, back, sleeve, forearm, leg and hand, here are 51 cool 3D tattoos for men.

Cool 3D Tattoos For Men

What Do The Best 3D Tattoos Mean?

3D tattoos are more a type of style or representation of a technique than a standalone motif. Because of this, your 3D tattoo can represent whatever you want it to. It can be a portrait, your favorite quote carved in stone, your spirit animal, or your fascination with fantasy and science fiction. Here are some popular 3D tattoo designs you may want to get.

Body Part Tattoos

The second heart, ripped through ribs or broken spine are all cool ideas of 3D tattoos for guys. This is a popular trend these days, showing specific body parts or organs as they would look without being covered up by skin and tissue. This ink looks even better when it’s combined with bio-mechanical features.

3D Gear Body Part Tattoos

Biomechanical Tattoos

The human mind has been fascinated by the idea of merging man and machine for a long time, way before Arnold became the Terminator. 3D designs with steel, gears, and wires that appear to turn men’s bodies into machines have been trendy. Especially when inked on a very fit and muscular guy, the illusion of skin and veins meet wires and gears can be mind-bending.

Realistic Portraits

It takes time to ink an accurate portrait of someone, and even more time to give the tattoo a 3D effect. If you’re looking to commemorate a loved one or show your fascination with an idol, there’s no better way than getting a 3D picture of them.

3D Jesus Tattoo

Jesus Tattoo Scenes

Inking a page from the Old Testament on one’s back is nothing new. However, it does have more meaning when instead of words it is represented by a lively 3D image. With how realistic 3D tattooing looks these days, it can certainly do justice and satisfy all believers.

Best 3D Tattoo Ideas

Like most tattoos, you aren’t too restricted when it comes to placement. However, some 3D tattoo ideas are dependent on using a specific body part. For instance, inking a realistic heart on a forearm hardly has the same effect as tattooing it on the chest. Here are some of the hottest places to get a 3D tattoo.

Best 3D Tattoo Ideas

3D Leg Tattoos

If you ever wanted to have super-human strength or speed, you’re still out of luck. However, you can make yourself look like a futuristic superhero with realistic 3D biomechanical enhancements on your legs. Skilled artists can transform an entire limb into a robotic extension, making 3D leg tattoos an awesome option for guys who want a badass look.

3D Leg Tattoos

3D Arm Tattoos

The arm and forearm are both highly visible areas, ensuring your 3D ink is prominently displayed. The dimensions of your arm often creates the perfect canvas for longer yet narrow tattoos that would be ill-fitting elsewhere. If you’re willing to consider some cool arm ink, check out these popular 3D sleeve tattoos below.

3D Arm Tattoos - Eye on Bicep

3D Back Tattoos

The back offers plenty of room to work with. Some of the most popular 3D tattoo choices for the back either focus around exposing the spine or depicting realistic huge monsters. Think big, mean-looking dragons that look as alive as the person wearing them. If this type of artwork is something that interests you, then 3D back tattoos are worth reviewing!

3D Tattoo Designs on Back

3D Sleeve Tattoos

Why stick to just your arm or forearm when you can get a full sleeve? 3D sleeve tattoos are the perfect opportunity to bring together many related designs or piece together a mural that representatives different aspects of your life.

3D Sleeve Tattoos For Men

3D Chest Tattoos

It’s not uncommon these days to see a pierced heart inked on top of your actual heart. It’s also cool when the artist adds gears to it and turns it into either a steampunk device or a futuristic android heart.

3D Chest Tattoos - Rose + Gears

3D Face or Head Tattoos

The eyes at the back of your head is a classic tattoo choice. It looks even better when your artist inks a realistic face instead of just a 2D tattoo with some shadows and light texturing.

3D Face and Head Tattoo

Cool 3D Tattoos

Below you’ll find some classic and modern 3D tattoos that are sure to get your mind in a twist. This picture gallery showcases some of the amazing talents of tattoo artists, so pick your favorite design and get inked!

Batmen Chest Tattoo

3D Chest Tattoo - Batman

3D Key on Forearm

3D Tattoo Design - Key on Forearm

Colorful Tiger on Back

3D Tattoo on Back - Colorful Tiger

Mechanical Gears on Arm

3D Tattoo Designs - Mechanical Gears on Arm

Shoulder Tissue Design

3D Tattoo Shoulder Design - Tissue

Fierce Lion on Hand

3D Tattoo For Guys - Fierce Lion on Hand

Skull Design on Chest

3D Skull Tattoo Design on Chest

Optical Illusion on Upper Arm

3D Tattoo on Arm - Optical Illusion